The Join Table of an Inner Join

An ANSI join specifies which tables or views to join in the query. The table references that are specified in the ANSI join make up the joined table.

For example, the join table of the following query includes the title, price, advance, and royaltyper columns:
select title, price, advance, royaltyper
from titles inner join titleauthor
on titles.title_id = titleauthor.title_id
title          price     advance      royaltyper
-----------    -------   ----------   ----------
The Busy...    19.99     5,000.00     40
The Busy...    19.99     5,000.00     60
. . .
Sushi, A...    14.99     8,000.00     30
Sushi, A...    14.99     8,000.00     40
(25 rows affected)

If a joined table is used as a table reference in an ANSI inner join, it becomes a nested inner join. ANSI nested inner joins follow the same rules as ANSI outer joins.

A query can reference a maximum of 250 user tables (or 46 worktables) on each side of a union, including: