select List Summary

The select list can include * (all columns in create table order), a list of column names in any order, character strings, column headings, and expressions (including arithmetic operators).

For example:

select titles.* 
from titles
select Name = au_fname, Surname = au_lname
from authors
select Sales = total_sales * price,
ToAuthor = advance,
ToPublisher = (total_sales * price) - advance
from titles 
select "Social security #", au_id 
from authors 
select this_year = advance, next_year = advance
   + advance/10, third_year = advance/2, 
    "for book title #", title_id 
from titles 
select "Total income is", 
Revenue = price * total_sales, 
"for", Book# = title_id 
from titles 
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