Rearrange the Column Order

The order in which you list column names in the select clause determines the order in which the columns appear in the query results.

The examples that follow show how to specify column order, displaying publisher names and identification numbers from all three rows in the publishers table. The first example prints pub_id first, followed by pub_name; the second reverses that order. The information is the same but the organization changes.

select pub_id, pub_name 
from publishers 
pub_id   pub_name 
-----    --------------- 
0736     New Age Books 
0877     Binnet & Hardley 
1389     Algodata Infosystems 
(3 rows affected) 
select pub_name, pub_id 
from publishers
pub_name                      pub_id 
---------------------         ------ 
New Age Books                 0736
Binnet & Hardley              0877
Algodata Infosystems          1389
(3 rows affected)