Default Databases

When your SAP ASE account was created, you may have been assigned a default database to which you are automatically connected when you log in.

For example, your default database might be pubs2, the sample database. If you were not assigned a default database, you are connected to the master database.

You can change your default database to any database that you have permission to use, or to any database that allows guests. Any user with an SAP ASE login can be a guest. To change your default database, use alter login or alter login profile, which are described in Reference Manual: Commands.

To change to the pubs2 database, which is used for most examples in this manual, enter:

1> use pubs2
2> go

Enter the word “go” on a line by itself and do not precede it with blanks or tabs. It is the command terminator; it lets the server know that you have finished typing, and you are ready for your command to be executed.

In general, examples of Transact-SQL statements in this manual do not include the line prompts used by the isql utility, nor do they include the terminator go.