The Comparison Operators

SAP ASE uses certain comparison operators.




Equal to


Greater than


Less than


Greater than or equal to


Less than or equal to


Not equal to


Not equal to (Transact-SQL extension)


Not greater than (Transact-SQL extension)


Not less than (Transact-SQL extension)

In comparing character data, < means closer to the beginning of the server’s sort order and > means closer to the end of the sort order. Uppercase and lowercase letters are equal in a sort order that is case-insensitive. Use sp_helpsort to see the sort order for your server. For comparison purposes, trailing blanks are ignored.

In comparing dates, < means earlier than and > means later than.

Put single or double quotes around all character and date and time data used with a comparison operator:

= "Bennet" 
  "May 22 1947"