Concurrency with Partition-Level Online Operations

Multiple partition-level online operations can be executed concurrently on different partitions of a table.

All DMLs — that is, select (but not select into), insert, update, and delete — can operate on a table while partition-level online operations are in progress.

DMLs can operate on all the partitions other than the partitions being operated by partition-level online operations.

DMLs with appropriate use of predicates leads to SAP ASE making use of the partition elimination technique. This may lead to DMLs operating on only minimal required set of partitions.

Without partition elimination, DMLs operate on all partitions of table.

DMLs will be aborted when it operates on the partition that is concurrently being operated by partition-level operations.

Note: To avoid concurrent DMLs leading to errors, DMLs can be written using appropriate predicates that makes use of partition elimination technique. This results in DMLs operating on a minimal set of partitions.

For partition-level online operations, such as splitting a partition or moving a partition, the table must have a local unique index. The move command is allowed for concurrent DMLs to all partitions in the table, including ones being operated by split.