Shutting down a Backup Server

Include the Backup Server name when you using the shutdown command.

The default is with wait, so any dumps or loads in progress complete before the Backup Server process halts. After you issue a shutdown command, no new dump or load sessions can be started on the Backup Server.

To see the names of the Backup Servers that are accessible from your SAP ASE, execute sp_helpserver. Use the value in the name column in the shutdown command. You can shut down a Backup Server only if it is:
  • Listed in sysservers on your SAP ASE, and

  • Listed in your local interfaces file.

Use sp_addserver to add a Backup Server to sysservers.

  1. Run run sp_who to check for active dumps and load currenly running on your Backup Server:
    spid    status     loginame   hostname     blk      cmd
    -----   --------   --------   ----------   ---      --------------
        1   sleeping       NULL         NULL     0      CONNECT HANDLER
        2   sleeping       NULL         NULL     0      DEFERRED HANDLER
        3   runnable       NULL         NULL     0      SCHEDULER
        4   runnable       NULL         NULL     0      SITE HANDLER
        5   running          sa   heliotrope     0      NULL
  2. Shut down a Backup Server:
    shutdown SYB_BACKUP