System-Wide Default Settings

Each dump condition can inherit attributes from the system-wide default settings. Specifying an attribute value for a condition overrides the system-wide defaults. To update the system-wide default settings, use the sp_shmdumpconfig stored procedure with a type value of defaults.

It is typically more convenient to specify any attribute values in the system-wide default settings, and to allow all dump conditions to inherit these values.

SAP recommends that all dump conditions have an explicit dump directory (the dump_dir parameter). To ensure this, specify a dump directory in the system-wide defaults and allow all dump conditions to inherit this value.

The default attribute values for the system-wide settings are:
Configured Shared Memory Dump Conditions

Defaults   ---
Maximum Dumps:          1
Halt Engines:           Halt
Cluster:                Local
Page Cache:             Omit
Procedure Cache:        Include
Unused Space:           Omit
Dump Directory:         $SYBASE
Dump File Name:         Generated File Name
Estimated File Size:    101 MB

Current number of conditions: 0
Maximum number of conditions: 10

Configurable Shared Memory Dump Configuration Settings
Dump on conditions: 0

You must run 'sp_configure 'dump on conditions',1' to
enable the shared memory dump facility.

Number of dump threads: 1
Include errorlog in dump file: 1
Merge parallel files after dump: 1

Server Memory Allocation
Procedure Cache Data Caches Server Memory Total Memory
--------------  ----------- ------------- -----------
         16 MB         9 MB         86 MB      109 MB