Using kill with statusonly

The kill ...statusonly command reports on the progress of a server process ID (spid) in rollback status, but does not terminate the spid.

The statusonly report displays:

To track the progress of a rollback, you must run kill...with statusonly multiple times:
kill spid with statusonly

Where spid is the number of the process you are terminating.

This example reports on the process of the rollback of spid number 13:
kill 13 with statusonly
spid: 13 Transaction rollback in progress. Estimated rollback completion: 17% Estimated time left: 13 seconds
If the rollback of the spid has completed when you issue kill...statusonly or if SAP ASE cannot roll back the specified spid, kill...statusonly returns the following message:
Status report cannot be obtained. KILL spid:nn is not in progress.