Level 22: SAP ASE Fatal Error: Table Integrity Suspect

Error messages with severity level 22 indicate that the table or index specified in the message has been previously damaged by a software or hardware problem.

The first step is to restart SAP ASE and run dbcc to determine whether other objects in the database are also damaged. Whatever the report from dbcc may be, The problem may be only in the cache, and not on the disk itself. If so, restarting SAP ASE fixes the problem.

If restarting does not help, then the problem is on the disk as well. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by dropping the object specified in the error message. For example, if the message tells you that SAP ASE has found a row with length 0 in a nonclustered index, the table owner can drop the index and re-create it.

SAP ASE takes any pages or indexes offline that it finds to be suspect during recovery. Use sp_setsuspect_granularity to determine whether recovery marks an entire database or only individual pages as suspect. See sp_setsuspect_granularity in the Reference Manual: Procedures.

The user must reconnect to SAP ASE.