Installing Date Strings for Unsupported Languages

Use sp_addlanguage to install names for the days of the week and months of the year for languages that do not have language modules.

sp_addlanguage lets you define:
  • A language name and (optionally) an alias for the name

  • A list of the full names of months and a list of abbreviations for the month names

  • A list of the full names of the days of the week

  • The date format for entering dates (such as month/day/year)

  • The number of the first day of the week

To add the information for Italian:
sp_addlanguage italian, italiano, 
"gennaio,febbraio,marzo,aprile,maggio,giugno,luglio,agosto,settembre,ottobre, novembre,dicembre", 
"lunedi,martedi,mercoledi,giovedi,venerdi,sabato,domenica", dmy, 1

sp_addlanguage enforces strict data entry rules. The lists of month names, month abbreviations, and days of the week must be comma-separated lists with no spaces or line feeds (returns). Also, they must contain the correct number of elements (12 for month strings, 7 for day-of-the-week strings.)

Valid values for the date formats are: mdy, dmy, ymd, ydm, myd, and dym. The dmy value indicates that the dates are in day/month/year order. This format affects only data entry; to change output format, you must use the convert function.