A Japan-Based Company with Multinational Clients

This company is located in Japan, and has clients in France, Germany, and Spain, so you need to mix European and Asian languages in the same server.

  1. Select the default server language and character set. Since your company is based in Japan and most of your clients are located in Japan, the default server language should be Japanese. But you also want your clients in France, Germany, and Spain to be able to send and receive data in their native languages. Japanese is part of language group 101, while French, German, and Spanish are part of language group 1. Since the languages you need are not part of the same language group, the only way you can have all of these languages on the same server is to select Unicode as your default character set.
  2. Install the Language Modules for Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.
  3. Select the binary sort order, since this is the only sort order available for the Unicode character set. (You can, however, consider using the sortkey function inside your application code to supply data sorted according to each user’s preference.)
  4. Select Japanese as the default language for system messages. Clients in other countries can select their own native language for messages.