Chinese Pinyin Sort Order

Pinyin, more formally known as “Hanyu Pinyin,” uses the Roman alphabet to represent the standard Chinese pronunciation system.

Pinyin consists of a system of transliteration to Roman alphabets for reading and writing Mandarin without Chinese characters. Pinyin uses accents to represent the four tones of Mandarin.

Earlier versions of SAP ASE used the Simplified Chinese (GB) sort orders, gbpinyin and gbpinyinocs, using the Unilib character set, significantly impacting the performance of databases using the GB character sets.

SAP ASE version 15.0.3 automatically uses the gbpinyin and gbpinyinocs sort orders, eliminating a processing step and significantly improving performance.

In earlier versions, the default size of unilib cache configuration parameter was 268 KB. In version 15.0.3, the default has been increased to 302 KB.

Improved performance occurs in queries that access ASCII and gbpinyin data. However, if the data set has a mixture of other characters, you may not see any performance improvement.