Designating Default Devices

To create a pool of default database devices to be used by all SAP ASE users for creating databases, use sp_diskdefault after the devices are initialized.

sp_diskdefault marks these devices in sysdevices as default devices. Whenever users create (or alter) databases without specifying a database device, new disk space is allocated from the pool of default disk space.

The syntax for sp_diskdefault is:

sp_diskdefault logicalname, {defaulton | defaultoff} 
After adding user devices, use the defaultoff option to remove the master device from the pool of default space:
sp_diskdefault master, defaultoff
The following designates sprocdev, the device that holds the sybsystemprocs database, a default device:
sp_diskdefault sprocdev, defaulton

SAP ASE can have multiple default devices. They are used in the order in which they appear in the sysdevices table (that is, alphabetical order). When the first default device is filled, the second default device is used, and so on.

Note: After initializing a set of database devices, you may want to assign them to specific databases or database objects rather than adding them to the default pool of devices. For example, you may want to make sure a table never grows beyond the size of a particular device.