The sysdevices Table

The sysdevices table in the master database contains one row for each database device and may contain a row for each dump device (tape, disk, or operating system file) available to SAP ASE.

The disk init command adds entries for database devices to master..sysdevices. Dump devices, added using sp_addumpdevice, are discussed in System Administration Guide: Volume 2 > Developing a Backup and Recovery Plan.

sysdevices stores two names for each device:

Place a database or transaction log on one or more devices by specifying the logical name of the device in the create database or alter database statement. The log on clause to create database places a database’s transaction log on a separate device to ensure full recoverability. The log device must also have an entry in sysdevices before you can use log on.

A database can reside on one or more devices, and a device can store one or more databases. See System Administration Guide: Volume 2 > Creating and Managing User Databases for information about creating databases on specific database devices.