xact coordination interval

xact coordination interval defines the length of time between attempts to resolve transaction branches that have been propagated to remote servers.

Summary Information

Default value

60 (seconds)

Valid values

1 – 2147483647 (seconds)



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

DTM Administration

The coordinating SAP ASE makes regular attempts to resolve the work of remote servers participating in a distributed transaction. The coordinating server contacts each remote server participating in the distributed transaction in a serial manner, as shown in the figure below. The coordination service may be unable to resolve a transaction branch for a variety of reasons. For example, if the remote server is not reachable due to network problems, the coordinating server reattempts the connection after the time specified by xact coordination level.

Resolving remote transaction branches
Image shows Adaptive Server contacting three remote servers individually. It is able to connect successfully to two of the servers, but the thirds connectionis a failure.

With the default value of xact coordination interval, 60, SAP ASE attempts to resolve remote transactions once every minute. Decreasing the value may speed the completion of distributed transactions, but only if the transactions are themselves resolved in less than a minute. Under normal circumstances, there is no performance penalty to decreasing the value of xact coordination interval.

Setting xact coordination interval to a higher number can slow the completion of distributed transactions, and cause transaction branches to hold resources longer than they normally would. Under normal circumstances, do not increase the value of xact coordination interval beyond its default.