Optimizing the txn to pss ratio for your system

During a peak period, use sp_monitorconfig to examine the use of transaction descriptors.

For example:
sp_monitorconfig "txn to pss ratio"
Usage information at date and time: Apr 22 2002  2:49PM.
Name                       Num_free    Num_active  Pct_act  Max_Used
Reuse_cnt   Instance_Name
------------------------   ----------  ----------  -------  -----------
----------  --------------------
txn to pss ratio                  784          80    10.20          523
         0                  NULL

If the num_used value is zero or very low, transactions may be delayed as SAP ASE waits for transaction descriptors to become free in the server. In this case, consider increasing the value of txn to pss ratio.

If the Max_Used value is too low, unused transaction descriptors may be consuming memory that can be used by other server functions. Consider reducing the value of txn to pss ratio.