sysstatistics flush interval

sysstatistics flush interval determines the length of the interval, in minutes, between flushes of sysstatistics.

Summary Information

Default value


Valid values

0 – 32767



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

SQL Server Administration

SAP ASE dynamically maintains the statistics for the number of rows and columns modified in a table as part of any DML statement and flushes them according to the value of sysstatistics flush interval.

SAP ASE uses these statistics for query optimization since they are more accurate. The datachange function determines the amount of data that is changed at the table, column, or partition level since the last update statistics, and initiates updating statistics on the object.

The in-memory statistics are always flushed to disk during a polite shutdown of the server. You can configure sysstatistics flush interval to flush these in-memory statistics to disk by the house keeper task at regular intervals. Set sysstatistics flush interval to 0 to disable this housekeeper task.