syb_sendmsg port number

syb_sendmsg port number specifies the port number that SAP ASE uses to send messages to a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) port with sp_sendmsg or syb_sendmsg.

Summary Information

Default value


Valid values

0, or 1024–65535, or system limit



Display level


Required role

System security officer

Configuration group

Network Communication

If more than one engine is configured, a port is used for each engine, numbered consecutively from the port number specified. If the port number is set to the default value, 0 SAP ASE assigns port numbers.

Note: Sending messages to UDP ports is not supported on Windows.

A system security officer must set the allow sendmsg configuration parameter to 1 to enable sending messages to UDP ports. To enable UDP messaging, a system administrator must set allow sendmsg to 1. For more information on UDP messaging, see sp_sendmsg in the Reference Manual: Procedures.