number of pre-allocated extents

number of pre-allocated extents specifies the number of extents (eight pages) allocated in a single trip to the page manager.

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System administrator

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SQL Server Administration

Currently, this parameter is used only by bcp to improve performance when copying in large amounts of data. By default, bcp allocates two extents at a time and writes an allocation record to the log each time.

Setting number of pre-allocated extents means that bcp allocates the specified number of extents each time it requires more space, and writes a single log record for the event.

An object may be allocated more pages than actually needed, so the value of number of pre-allocated extents should be low if you are using bcp for small batches. If you are using bcp for large batches, increase the value of number of pre-allocated extents to reduce the amount of overhead required to allocate pages and to reduce the number of log records.