number of locks

number of locks sets the total number of available locks for all users on SAP ASE.

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System administrator

Configuration groups

Lock Manager, Memory Use

The total number of locks needed by SAP ASE depends on the number of concurrent and parallel processes, and the types of actions performed by the transactions. To see how many locks are in use at a particular time, use sp_lock.

For serial operation, SAP suggests that you start by assigning 20 locks for each active, concurrent connection.

Parallel execution requires more locks than serial execution. For example, if you find that queries use an average of five worker processes, try increasing by one-third the number of locks configured for serial operation.

SAP ASE reports error 1204 when it runs out of locks. If users report lock errors, you may need to increase number of locks; but remember that locks use memory. See System Administration Guide Volume 2 > Configuring Memory. Use sp_monitorconfig to view the statistics for currently used locks. See Troubleshooting: Error Messages Advanced Resolutions for information about resolving error message 1204.

Note: Datarows locking may require that you change the value for number of locks. See the Performance and Tuning Series: Locking and Concurrency Control.