Optimizing the Number of DTX Participants for Your System

During a peak period, use sp_monitorconfig to examine the use of DTX participants.

For example:
sp_monitorconfig "number of dtx participants"
Usage information at date and time: Apr 22 2002  2:49PM.
Name                       Num_free    Num_active  Pct_act  Max_Used
Reuse_cnt   Instance_Name
------------------------   ----------  ----------  -------  -----------
----------  --------------------
number of dtx                      80          20     4.00          210
         0                  NULL

If the num_free value is zero or very low, new distributed transactions may be unable to start due to a lack of DTX participants. Consider increasing the number of dtx participants value.

A low Max_used value may indicate that unused DTX participants are consuming memory that could be used by other server functions. Consider reducing the value of number of dtx participants.