mnc_full_index_filter prevents SAP ASE from considering noncovered indexes that do not have a limiting search argument at the server level, if there is a column in the index or a predicate that does not have a histogram.

Summary Information

Default value


Range of values

0 – 2

  • 0 – disable.

  • 1 – enable.

  • 2 – set according to the optimization goal setting.



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

Query Tuning

You can use mnc_full_index_filter on data-only-locked (DOL) tables in which you have the intelligent index scan, even though the intelligent index scan manufactures search arguments.

Changing the value of mnc_full_index_filter does not increase the amount of memory SAP ASE uses.

mnc_full_index_filter is not enabled for any specific optional goal; the only way to obtain the behavior is to explicitly enable it.