lock wait period

lock wait period limits the number of seconds that tasks wait to acquire a lock on a table, data page, or data row. If the task does not acquire the lock within the specified time period, SAP ASE returns error message 12205 to the user and rolls back the transaction.

Summary Information

Default value


Range of values

0 – 2147483647



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

Lock Manager

The lock wait option of the set command sets a session-level number of seconds that a task waits for a lock. It overrides the server-level setting for the session.

lock wait period, used with the session-level setting set lock wait nnn, is applicable only to user-defined tables. These settings have no influence on system tables.

At the default value, all processes wait indefinitely for locks. To restore the default value, reset the value to 2147483647 or enter:
sp_configure "lock wait period", 0, "default"