kernel mode

kernel mode determines the mode the SAP ASE kernel uses, threaded or process.

Summary Information

Default value


Range of values

threaded or process



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

SQL Server Administration

In threaded mode, SAP ASE uses operating system threads to support SAP ASE engines and specialized tasks. In this mode, SAP ASE is a single process running on the operating system. In process mode, SAP ASE uses individual processes to support SAP ASE engines. In this mode, each engine is a distinct process running on the operating system. The process mode is the same kernel used by SAP ASE versions earlier than 15.7.

On Windows, SAP ASE supports only threaded kernel mode.

The values for kernel mode are character data, so you must use 0 as a placeholder for the second sp_configure parameter, which must be numeric, and specify threaded or process as the third parameter.

SAP assumes you use threaded mode in your production server, and includes process mode for backward compatibilty. Process mode may not support features for SAP ASE 15.7 and later.

See System Administration Guide: Volume 2 > Managing Multiprocessor Servers.