enable xact coordination

enable xact coordination enables or disables SAP ASE transaction coordination services.

Summary Information

Default value

1 (on)

Valid values

0 (off), 1(on)



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

DTM Administration

When this parameter is set to 1 (on), coordination services are enabled, and the server can propagate transactions to other SAP ASEs. This may occur when a transaction executes a remote procedure call (RPC) to update data in another server, or updates data in another server using Component Integration Services (CIS). Transaction coordination services ensure that updates to remote SAP ASE data commit or roll back with the original transaction.

If this parameter is set to 0 (off), SAP ASE does not coordinate the work of remote servers. Transactions can still execute RPCs and update data using CIS, but SAP ASE cannot ensure that remote transactions are rolled back with the original transaction or that remote work is committed along with an original transaction, if remote servers experience a system failure. This corresponds to the behavior of SAP ASE versions earlier than version 12.x.