enable HA

enable HA enables or disables SAP ASE as a companion server in an active-active high availability subsystem.

Summary Information

Default value

0 (off)

Range of values

0 – 2



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

SQL Server Administration

Set enable HA to 2 to configure SAP ASE as a companion server in an active-passive high availability subsystem.

SAP ASE uses SAP Failover to interact with the high availability subsystem. You must set enable HA to 1 before you run the installhasvss script (insthasv on Windows), which installs the system procedures for SAP Failover.

Note: The license information and the run value for enable HA are independent of each other. Whether or not you have a license for SAP Failover, the run value and the config value are set to 1 when you restart SAP ASE. Until you have a license, you cannot run SAP Failover. If you have not installed a valid license, SAP ASE logs an error message and does not activate the feature. See the installation guide for your platform for information about installing license keys.

Setting enable HA to 1 or 2 does not mean that SAP ASE is configured to work in a high availability system. You must perform the steps described in Using SAP Failover in a High Availability System to configure SAP ASE to be a companion server in a high availability system.

When enable HA is set to 0, you cannot configure for SAP Failover, and you cannot run installhasvss (insthasv on Windows).