enable inline default sharing

enable inline default sharing enables SAP ASE to share inline defaults.

Summary Information

Default value

0 (off)

Valid values

0 (off), 1(on)



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

Application Functionality

That is, once this configuration is enabled, SAP ASE looks for existing shareable inline defaults having the same value in the database belonging to the same user. If it finds an existing shareable default, SAP ASE binds this object to the column instead of creating a new default. However, if SAP ASE does not find an existing shareable inline default, it creates a new default

See Transact-SQL Users Guide > Defining Defaults and Rules for Data.

Note: The default value for enable inline default sharing depends on the value to which enable functionality group is set. If you set enable functionality group to:

However, if you set enable inline default sharing to 1, it uses a value of 1 regardless of what you set enable functionality group to.

See enable functionality group.