disable character set conversions

disable character set conversions enables or disables character set conversion for data moving between clients and SAP ASE.

Summary Information

Default value

0 (enabled)

Valid values

0 (enabled), 1 (disabled)



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration group


By default, SAP ASE performs conversion on data moving to and from clients that use character sets that are different than the server’s. For example, if some clients use Latin-1 (iso_1) and SAP ASE uses Roman-8 (roman8) as its default character set, data from the clients is converted to Roman-8 when being loaded into SAP ASE. For clients using Latin-1, the data is reconverted when it is sent to the client; for clients using the same character set as SAP ASE, the data is not converted.

By setting disable character set conversions, you can request that no conversion take place. For example, if all clients are using a given character set, and you want SAP ASE to store all data in that character set, set disable character set conversions to 1, and no conversion takes place.