default network packet size

default network packet size configures the default packet size for all SAP ASE users.

Summary Information

Default value


Range of values

512– 65024



Display level


Required role

System administrator

Configuration groups

Memory Use, Network Communication, User Environment

You can set default network packet size to any multiple of 512 bytes; values that are not even multiples of 512 are rounded down.

Memory for all users who log in with the default packet size is allocated from the SAP ASE memory pool, as set with total logical memory. This memory is allocated for network packets when SAP ASE is started.

Each SAP ASE user connection uses:
Each of these buffers requires default network packet size bytes. The total amount of memory allocated for network packets is:
(number of user connections + number of worker processes) * 3 * default network packet size

For example, if you set default network packet size to 1024 bytes, and you have 50 user connections and 20 worker processes, the amount of network memory required is:

(50 + 20) * 3 * 1024 = 215040 bytes

If you increase default network packet size, you must also increase max network packet size to at least the same size. If the value of max network packet size is greater than the value of default network packet size, increase the value of additional network memory.

Use sp_sysmon to see how changing the default network packet size parameter affects network I/O management and task switching. For example, try increasing default network packet size and then checking sp_sysmon output to see how this affects bcp for large batches. See the Performance and Tuning Series: Monitoring SAP ASE with sp_sysmon.