current audit table

current audit table establishes the table where SAP ASE writes audit rows.

Summary Information

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Required role

System security officer

Configuration group

Security Related

A system security officer can change the current audit table, using:
sp_configure "current audit table", n 
  [, "with truncate"]
where n is an integer that determines the new current audit table, as follows:

"with truncate" specifies that SAP ASE should truncate the new table if it is not already empty. sp_configure fails if this option is not specified and the table is not empty.

Note: If SAP ASE truncates the current audit table, and you have not archived the data, the table’s audit records are lost. Be sure that the audit data is archived before using the with truncate option.

To execute sp_configure to change the current audit table, you must have the sso_role active. You can write a threshold procedure to change the current audit table automatically.