cpu grace time

cpu grace time, together with time slice, specifies the maximum amount of time that a user process can run without yielding the CPU before SAP ASE preempts it and terminates it with a timeslice error.

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Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

SQL Server Administration

The units for cpu grace time are time ticks, as defined by sql server clock tick length.

When a process exceeds cpu grace time SAP ASE “infects” it by removing the process from the internal queues. The process is killed, but SAP ASE is not affected. This prevents runaway processes from monopolizing the CPU. If any of your user processes become infected, you may be able to temporarily fix the problem by increasing the value of cpu grace time. However, be sure that the problem really is a process that takes more than the current value of cpu grace time to complete, rather than a runaway process.

Temporarily increasing the cpu grace time value is a workaround, not a permanent fix, since it may cause other complications. See Performance and Tuning Series: Basics > Using Engines and CPUs for a more detailed discussion of task scheduling.