Edit the Configuration File

The configuration file is an ASCII file that you can edit with any text editor that can save files in ASCII format.

The syntax for each parameter is:
parameter_name={value | DEFAULT}



  • Example 1 – specifies that the transaction can retry its attempt to acquire a lock one time when deadlocking occurs during an index page split or shrink:
    deadlock retries = 1
  • Example 2 – specifies that the default value for the parameter cpu accounting flush interval should be used:
    cpu accounting flush interval=DEFAULT

When you edit a configuration file, your edits are not validated until you check the file using the verify option, read the file with the read option, or restart SAP ASE with that configuration file.

If all your configuration files are lost or corrupted, you can re-create one from a running server by using the restore subcommand and specifying a name for the new file. The parameters in the new file are set to the values with which your server is currently running.