SAP Control Center for SAP ASE

SAP Control Center (SCC) is the preferred tool for managing and monitoring the status and availability of SAP ASE.

SAP Control Center is a Web-based tool for monitoring and administration. See the SCC installation Guide for information about downloading and installing SAP Control Center.

You can use a single instance of SAP Control Center to monitor and manage multiple SAP ASEs.

SAP Control Center supports SAP ASE versions 15.0.2 and later. See the SAP Control Center documentation for a list of supported features.

The SAP Control Center client/server architecture allows multiple clients to monitor all SAP ASEs in an enterprise through one or more SAP Control Center servers. SAP Control Center for SAP ASE provides availability monitoring, historical performance monitoring, and administration capabilities in a scalable Web application that is integrated with management modules for other SAP products. It offers shared, consolidated management of heterogeneous resources from any location, e-mail alerts that provide state- and threshold-based notifications about availability and performance in real time, and intelligent tools for spotting performance and usage trends, all via a thin-client, rich Internet application (RIA) delivered through your Web browser.

Use SAP Control Center for SAP ASE to gather statistics that over time will give you powerful insight into patterns of use and the behavior of databases, devices, caches, and processes on your servers. You can display collected data as tables or graphs. By plotting results over any period of time you choose, from a minute to a year, you can both see the big picture and focus on the particulars. Detailed knowledge of how your servers have performed in the past helps ensure that SAP ASE meets your needs in the future.

See the online help for more information about using SAP Control Center.