Automating Backup Procedures

Automate your backup procedure using an operating system script or a utility (for example, the UNIX cron utility) to perform the necessary backup commands.

You can further automate the procedure by using thresholds, which are discussed in System Administration Guide: Volume 2 > Managing Free Space with Thresholds.

Although the commands required to create an automated script vary, depending on the operating system you use, all scripts should accomplish the same basic steps:

  1. Start isql and dump the transaction log to a holding area (for example, a temporary file).
  2. Rename the dump file to a name that contains the dump date, time, and database name.
  3. In a history file, record information about the new backup.
  4. In a separate file, record any errors that occurred during the dump.
  5. Automatically send mail to the system administrator for any error conditions.