Dedicated Versus Shared Servers

Part of planning SAP ASE resources means learning about the resources that are required by other applications running on the same machine.

Generally, system administrators dedicate an entire machine for SAP ASE use, which means that only the operating system and network software consume resources that might otherwise be reserved for SAP ASE. On a shared system, other applications, such as SAP ASE client programs or print servers, run on the same machine as SAP ASE. It can be difficult to calculate the resources available to SAP ASE on a shared system, because the types of applications and their pattern of use may change over time.

It is the system administrator’s responsibility to take into account the resources used by operating systems, client programs, windowing systems, and so forth when configuring resources for SAP ASE. Configure SAP ASE to use only the resources that are available to it. Otherwise, the server may perform poorly or fail to start.