Determining the Version of the Installation Scripts

sp_version lets you determine the current version of the scripts (installmaster, installdbccdb, and so on) installed on SAP ASE, whether they ran successfully or not, and the length of time they took to complete.

The syntax for sp_version is:
sp_version [script_file [, “all”]]

If you run sp_version without any parameters, it reports on all scripts.

This example describes what installation scripts were run, what time they were run, and what time they finished:
sp_version null, 'all'
Script           Version 
-----------      ------------------------------------------------------------
installmaster    15.0/EBF XXXXX/B/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/asemain/1/32-bit/OPT/Thu Sep 23 22:12:12 2004
Complete [Started=Sep 24 2004  3:39PM]-[Completed=Sep 24 2004  3:45PM]