tempdb database

SAP ASE has a temporary database, tempdb, that provides a storage area for temporary tables and other temporary working storage needs. The space in tempdb is shared among all users of all databases on the server.

The default size of tempdb depends on the logical page size for your server, 2, 4, 8, or 16K. Certain activities may make it necessary for you to increase the size of tempdb:

Use alter database to increase the size of tempdb. tempdb is initially created on the master device. You can add space to tempdb from the master device or from any other database device.

If you run update index statistics against large tables, the command fails with error number 1105 if tempdb is not large enough.

You can create and manage multiple temporary databases in addition to the system temporary database, tempdb. Multiple temporary databases reduce contention on system catalogs and logs in tempdb.