model Database

SAP ASE includes the model database, which provides a template, or prototype, for new user databases.

Each time a user enters the create database command, SAP ASE makes a copy of the model database and extends the new database to the size specified by the create database command.

Note: New databases must be at least as large as the model database.
The model database contains the required system tables for each user database. You can modify model to customize the structure of newly created databases—everything you do to model is reflected in each new database. Some of the changes that system administrators commonly make to model are:

Typically, most users do not have permission to modify the model database. There is not much point in granting read permission either, since SAP ASE copies its entire contents into each new user database.

The model database cannot be larger than tempdb. By default, the size of model is six allocation units (an allocation unit is 256 logical pages.). You see error message if you increase the size of model without making tempdb at least as large.

Note: Keep a backup copy of the model database, and back up model with dump database each time you change it. In case of media failure, restore model as you would a user database.