The interfaces File

The interfaces file, which lists the name and address of every known server, is usually named interfaces, interface, or sql.ini, depending on the operating system.

When you use a client program to connect to a server, the program looks up the server name in the interfaces file and then connects to the server using the address.

Connecting to SAP ASE
Image of a person connecting to Adaptive Server using the interfaces file.

The name, location, and contents of the interfaces file differ between operating systems. Also, the format of the SAP ASE addresses in the interfaces file differs between network protocols.

The SAP ASE installation program creates a simple interfaces file that you can use for local connections to SAP ASE over one or more network protocols. As a system administrator, modify the interfaces file and distribute it to users so that they can connect to SAP ASE over the network. See the Configuration Guide for your platform for information about the interfaces file.

See Performance and Tuning Series: Basics > Networks and Performance for more information about the interfaces file and network listeners.