Database Owner

The database owner is the creator of a database or someone to whom database ownership has been transferred. A system administrator can use the grant command to grant users the authority to create databases.

A database owner logs in to SAP ASE using his or her assigned login name and password, and has the “dbo” account. When this user logs in to databases they did not create, this user is known by his or her regular user name.

A database owner can:

Adding users to databases is discussed in Security Administration Guide > Managing SAP ASE Logins and Database Users. Granting permissions to users is discussed in Security Administration Guide > Managing User Permissions.

The database owner does not automatically receive permissions on objects owned by other users. However, a database owner can temporarily assume the permissions of other users in the database at any time by using the setuser command. Using a combination of the setuser and grant commands, the database owner can acquire permissions on any object in the database.

Note: Because the database owner role is so powerful, the system administrator should carefully plan is allowed to own databases in the server. The system security officer should consider auditing the database activity of all database owners.