Overview of System Administration

The system administraor is responsible for setting up and maintaining SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE).

SAP® ASE administration tasks include:

In addition, system administrators may assist with certain database design tasks that overlap with the work of application designers, such as enforcing integrity standards.

Although a system administrator generally concentrates on tasks that are independent of the applications running on SAP ASE, he or she is likely to have the best overview of all applications. For this reason, a system administrator can advise application designers about existing data, make recommendations about standardizing data definitions across applications, and so on.

However, the distinction between what is specific to an application is sometimes unclear. Owners of user databases might consult certain sections of this book. Similarly, system administrators and database owners will use the Transact-SQL Users Guide (especially information about data definitions, stored procedures, and triggers). Both system administrators and application designers will use the Performance and Tuning Series.