engine local cache percent

engine local cache percent enables or disables modification of the Engine Local Cache (ELC) as a percentage of procedure cache.

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Required role

System administrator

Configuration group

Meta-Data Caches

Based on this configuration option, SAP ASE will configure procedure cache ELC size as given percentage of procedure cache size. The default value is 50, which means the ELC size will be 50% of procedure cache size.

This configurations option can be used only when large ELC is enabled (using boot time traceflag 758).

For optimal performance, a value no larger than 80 is recommended.

1> sp_configure "engine local cache percent",70   
2> go   
Parameter Name Default Memory Used Config Value Run Value Unit Type
-------------- ------- ----------- ------------ --------- ---- ----  
    engine   local cache percent  50   0   70  50  percent static   
(1 row affected)
Configuration option changed. Since the option is static, 
Adaptive Server must be rebooted in order for the change to take
Changing the value of 'engine local cache percent' does not 
increase the amount of memory Adaptive Server