Configuration History Tracking

SAP ASE allows you to track the history of configuration changes made to your server. The sp_confighistory system procedure manages the history of configuration changes, and stores data about the changes in the sybsecurity database.

Configuration properties that are tracked include:

You must install the the sybsecurity auditing database to track these properties.

sp_confighistory displays SAP ASE configuration changes, including which configuration option has been changed, the old and new values, the user who made the change, and when the change was made. SAP ASE stores records of configuration changes in the sybsecurity database. Query the ch_events view or run sp_confighistory to access these records.

For example, the output below includes changes that include enabling auditing and changing the value of max online engines from 5 to 7:
area type target element oldvalue newvalue mode timestamp username instanceid
---- ---- ------ ------- -------- -------- ---- --------- -------- ----------
AUDIT global auditing  NULL NULL off on NULL Jul 15 2013 2:22PM sa NULL
SERVER sp_configure NULL max online engines 5 7 static Jul 15 2013 2:23PM sa NULL