sp_thresholdaction Procedures that Include a dump transaction

If your sp_thresholdaction procedure includes a dump transaction command, SAP ASE dumps the log to the devices named in the procedure.

dump transaction truncates the transaction log by removing all pages from the beginning of the log, up to the page just before the page that contains an uncommitted transaction record.

When there is enough log space, suspended transactions are awakened. If you abort transactions rather than suspending them, users must resubmit them.

If sp_thresholdaction failed because of nonlogged-writes status, you can issue dump tran with no_log as an alternative.

Generally, SAP recommends that you do not dump to one, especially to one that is located on the same machine or the same disk controller as the database disk. However, since threshold-initiated dumps can take place at any time, you may want to dump to disk and then copy the resulting files to offline media. (You must copy the files back to the disk to reload them.)

Your choice depends on: