Running sp_dbextend

sp_dbextend allows you to customize the database and device expansion process, based on site-specific rules.

Use this syntax for sp_dbextend:
sp_dbextend [ command [, arguments...] ]

where command is one of the options discussed below, and arguments specifies the database name, segment name, amount of free space, and so on. See the Reference Manual: Procedures.

Database administrators can configure the size or percentage by which each database and segment pair, and device should be expanded.

You can also limit the expansion of a database segment or device by specifying a maximum size beyond which no further expansion is possible. Use sp_dbexpand in a test mode to simulate the expansion processes based on your chosen policies.

sp_dbextend provides ways to list the current settings and drop site-specific policy rules.

This information is stored as new attribute definitions in master.dbo.sysattributes.

If you do not include an argument, sp_dbextend defaults to help. See the Reference Manual: Procedures.

Note: The automatic expansion procedure does not create new devices; it only alters the size of the database and segment on existing devices to which the segment currently maps.

To discontinue threshold action procedure, clear the threshold using the sp_dropthreshold, or use sp_dbextend with the clear option. See the Reference Manual: Procedures.