Loading a Transaction Log into an Archive Database

When you load a transaction log into an archive database, load tran runs the recovery redo pass. Modified and new database pages are written to the permanent changes segment.

You must have enough space in the modified pages section to accommodate these changes. If necessary, increase space for the modified pages section by using alter database to increase the normal database storage allocated to the archive database.

Unlike a traditional database, you can bring an archive database online in the middle of a load sequence without breaking the load sequence. When you load a traditional database and then bring it online without using the for standby_access clause, you can no longer load the next transaction log in the load sequence. You can, however, bring an archive database online without the for standby_access clause and later load it with the next transaction log in the load sequence. This allows read-only operations like running consistency checks, at any time during the load sequence. When loading a transaction log into the archive database, SAP ASE automatically removes the disposable changes segment from the modified pages section. This effectively reverts the archive database to its state after the previous load was done, thereby allowing the next transaction log in the sequence to be loaded.