Restoring sybsystemprocs with load database

If you write system procedures and store them in sybsystemprocs, you can recover them, when necessary, either by restoring the database, or by loading database backups. .

You can:
  • Restore the database from installmaster. Then re-create the procedures by reissuing the create procedure commands.

  • Keep backups of the database, and load them with load database.

If you choose to keep a backup of the database, be sure that the complete backup fits on one tape volume or that more than one SAP ASE is can communicate with your Backup Server. If a dump spans more than one tape volume, issue the change-of-volume command using sp_volchanged, which is stored in sybsystemprocs. You cannot issue that command in the middle of recovering a database.

For example:
  • On UNIX, use:
    load database sybsystemprocs from "/dev/nrmt4"
  • On Windows, use:
    load database sybsystemprocs from "\\.\TAPE0"