Checking Your Backup Server sysservers Information

You must verify that sysservers includes the correct information.

Log in to the server as “sa,” using a null password.

  1. If the network name of your Backup Server is not SYB_BACKUP, update sysservers so that SAP ASE can communicate with its Backup Server. Check the Backup Server name in your interfaces file, and issue:
    select * 
    from sysservers
    where srvname = "SYB_BACKUP"
  2. Check the srvnetname in the output from this command. If it matches the interfaces file entry for the Backup Server for your server, go to “Verifying that your Backup Server is running.”
  3. If the reported srvnetname is not the same as the Backup Server in the interfaces file, update sysservers. The example below changes the Backup Server network name to PRODUCTION_BSRV:
    begin transaction
    update sysservers
    set srvnetname = "PRODUCTION_BSRV"
    where srvname = "SYB_BACKUP"
  4. Execute this command, and verify that it modified only one row. Issue the select command again, and verify that the correct row was modified and that it contains the correct value. If update modified more than one row, or if it modified the wrong row, issue a rollback transaction command, and attempt the update again.If the command correctly modified the Backup Server row, issue a commit transaction command.