Re-creating Device Allocations for master

If you re-created your master device according to the process described in Rebuilding a New Master Device, your master database may be too small.

  1. From the hard copy version of sysusages, total the size values shown for dbid 1 (the dbid of the master database). Compare those to the size of the current master database. You can determine them by issuing:
    select sum(size)
    from sysusages
    where dbid = 1
  2. If your current master database is too small, use alter database to enlarge it to the size you require. To convert logical pages to megabytes, use:
    select N / (power(2,20) / @@maxpagesize)

    where N is the number of logical pages.

You should not need to alter the size of the master database if you rewrote the master database using the -m master option. SAP ASE has recorded the allocation units used by all databases on the device, so you should already have as much space as you need to load your dump of master.

Note: If you do not have a hard copy of sysusages, you can determine how much larger a database needs to be by attempting to load it. If it is too small, SAP ASE displays an error message telling you how much larger to make it.

Versions of SAP ASE earlier than 15.0 required a complex series of steps to re-create allocations on the new master device. This procedure is no longer necessary. SAP ASE versions 15.0 and later automatically perform most of the work.